When you’ve drowned once

You know well when you’re about to, again

The anticipation can be suffocating

However hard you may try to abstain

A day turns into a week

A week into two

But then you look in the mirror

And face the new You

Staring, confronting, comforting

The Self wants to take over

If only you would let it

You shall not go deeper or lower

What leads to this path

Find out what’s the trigger

Love yourself more that week

Don’t let the fears be any bigger

The mind will play all tricks

To make you dive more intensely

But when You take over this game

The same mind will reward you, immensely

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Image by author (Anushka Bhartiya)
Image by author (Anushka Bhartiya)

Innocence, purity, warmth and love

You stand for all these and more

Fearless, undaunted, always determined

Let these be your absolute core

May compassion and kindness be your guide

But even at your lowest low

Never feel the need to please everyone

And never find it hard to say No

Be it that uncle who wants to hug you

Or that man who ask you to sit on his lap

Be bold and shout out the nay loud

Your inner strength is what you must tap

May valiance and courage be your virtues

Not beauty or capacity to endure

You fight with everyone, including me,

In order to make your future secure

Make your own plans and stick to them

Never let a man tell you he’ll take good care,

Of you, your desires and your dreams

Be cautious, when you decide to let that soul bare

According to him, to build a truly happy life, one must face the inescapable question of death.

As someone practicing Nichiren Buddhism, I believe in the Mystic Law of Cause and Effect. I also believe in signs that the universe sends us, almost every moment of our life.

(This belief doesn’t have much to do with the book titled The Secret)

So I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after I studied about the interconnectedness of life and death as part of my Buddhist study group last weekend, I was asked by a dear friend to share my take on grief and death this week. …


Anushka Bhartiya

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.

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