Can I “quote” you on that?

Millennials love to share quotes; of famous people, about famous events in history and more often than not, quotes that inspire.

From Buddha to Mr Anonymous, nobody has been spared from over sharing. But here’s the thing about sharing famous words. Most times, or maybe that’s what I want to assume, we share quotes that resonate with our lives (past/present/future).

As Facebook never fails to remind me every now and then, in my 20s all I shared were happy and often meaningful quotes. They were full of wisdom of course (I’ve always been a little wiser than my age you see) but they didn’t necessarily resonate with my life always.

Well cut to the last two years or so, my enthusiasm to share quotes hasn’t been dampened at all and yet, there’s something that seems to have shifted.

Have you ever felt like crossing that line between understanding a famous/not-so-famous quote and truly living it?

Like when you were younger and would share those motivational/uber-cool/spiritual/witty quotes because you just loved them, loved them for their sheer brilliance.

You loved them for their writer and you loved the person they described.

And yet, now, as age has grabbed you by the arm and twisted you into living these quotes, you can’t help but go back to the great ones and feel amazed at reconnecting with them like a lost sibling.

Now you understand the depth of those words and also the person behind it. Because you relate to that person.

And that itself is such a joy. The basic human need to feel connected, to belong. When it gets fulfilled, one feels home.

So now when you share a quote, almost always, it’s not for its coolness or because it’s perfect writing.

You share it because it’s a life lesson you have learned. And also coz it’s a life lesson you want to learn.

I, personally, have no shame in accepting the fact that I am crazy enough to revisit my favorites all the time.

They remind me of an era of innocence and exhilaration. And they also remind me that I’ve so many more lessons to learn.

That learning mustn’t stop.

To all the great quotes that exist on this planet and to those of us who keep them alive in our feeds!

Happy Sharing!

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