Colorism: How to overcome darkness of the heart

The battle against prejudice is a practice and unless you do it daily, it won’t transform into change at any level.

You have to call out the sexism, the racism, the “colorism” that’s all around us.

  • Be informed. Educate yourself on the history of the issue you want to talk about. Find the right resources to support your stance. You must be armed with the right knowledge so that you don’t succumb to the emotions that can fly high during such discussions.
  • Be compassionate and remember where the other person is coming from. Of course, a person’s background or their age doesn’t give anyone the authority to be racist or be part of casteism, but as a wise person, you need to put yourself in their shoes to understand how to make your point in a way so that they’ll at least think about it.
  • Social media today is an excellent medium to share your thoughts. Don’t shy away from sharing what you feel about certain social evils without blocking certain “friends” and “family members.” Let them read what you think. Be courageous. It’s ok to have a different point of view. You don’t have to please everyone every time.
  • But don’t be arrogant about it. Always be open to discussion and debate. Let them know how strongly you feel about certain social issues and how much you want to engage positively to bring about a change. It might get awkward or uncomfortable the next you meet them and have the conversation, but that would be the very first step towards change.
  • If you’re part of a WhatsApp/social media group that supports racism or sexism in the form of cheap jokes and distasteful memes, please call them out. You might get blocked but that would be great wouldn’t it?
  • For your mental health, minimize your interaction with those who are adamant about their prejudices or those who just don’t want to look within. It’s better to stay away from toxic relationships that affect your mental health and peace. You absolutely have the right to do so. Just be civil whenever you see/meet them. And please pick your battles.



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Anushka Bhartiya

Anushka Bhartiya

Writer. Mother. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance writing/research projects.