“Gone too soon

You should have fought it out

Never letting hope go away

Why did you do it

What went wrong

That you had to give way?”

They failed to ask

How are you doing

Is there anything troubling you

You’re not alone

You’re precious

You’re strong

You matter

You are loved

We love you

Even behind the mask

Death is the only reality

And yet, it’s never an answer

The life you have is precious

There’s too much meaning to it

To let it all go waste

You have to reach out

Sharing is the only call

There’s always one person

Who I promise will hear it all

And If you find no one

In that dark hour of despair

I beg you to please think of me

I will listen and say a heartfelt prayer

Let’s engage at anoushkabhartia@gmail.com

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.