Stand up

It’s beyond tragic how we can give power to someone to hurt us over and over again.

You feel like you can stand up to nothing and no one. You keep falling into the trap that your heart is. You want to forgive, and each time you do that, a part of you becomes unforgiving to yourself.

But then comes that day, when you stand up. You stand up for yourself and all the women of the world. You realize that this battle has to be won at all cost. You gather all the courage and do not budge.

You make them feel weak, not because they are, but because they must. They must feel weak, just like you did once. No, not for empathy.

It’s feeling so much strength inside your heart that you are ready to stand up to anything and anyone. May this day arrive soon in your life.

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.

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