It was almost a dream. The roads were deserted. The lights were low. She was right beside him. Walking slowly. Matching her steps with his. He wasn’t sure though. What if she wasn’t real? What if all that he could see was not there at all?

He wanted to touch her, just the fingers. No more. No less.

She was busy juggling between her thoughts. Why does it all look so unreal? She felt far away from her world. The world that was confusing. Here, it seemed to her that everything was almost perfect, Almost because there was something missing. She was trying hard to find out what it was or who it was.

In some other world, right beside her, he was falling. And the fall was leading to a lovely feeling. He wanted to hold on to it. Forever.

She was all that he wanted from life. Looking at her made him feel nostalgic. It was just like his innocent childhood. When he didn’t care much, about anything and anybody. All that mattered was that he was happy. And if not happy, he would find things, people, tasks, that would make him happy.

It was as easy as that. To not complicate. Always simplify.

She was so simple. There was so much beauty in her simplicity. But was she that simple really? He asked himself.

On the other side, all she could think was him at this point in time. Why was he so complicated? Could he be simplified? She kept asking herself.

They would not look at each other. What if each vanished? Just as you were looking at them?

This is part of my short story (fiction) collection that I wrote years back.

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