Masked in water

Pic credit: Anushka Bhartiya

Drowning in sorrow

Despair and uncertainty

Assam calls out to those

Alien to the nitty gritty

Masked in water

Life gets tougher

For the one who’s flooded

With grief, getting gruffer

They don’t get it

The ones in high rise buildings

Activists and scholars

What water can bring

The urbane

The ones in the urban jungles too

Blind to the plight of those

Residing in Bamboo

Can’t see, can’t hear

What tragedy water creates

Year after year

This one’s particularly hard

As it stands behind the masked

Virus they call it

Homes and careers replacing

But hey, water does that too

Destroying and displacing

The year has been tough

For one and all

Let’s unite for our countrymen

This is an SOS call

Assam urgently needs help. Click here for the latest news on the flood situation.

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