Me in You

Ever met yourself in the people you meet?

Like that old friend who reminds you of those careless days of free laughter and dance routines?

Like the woman that lived in the flat below when you were 10 who reminds you of the innocent days of pretend play and evening snacks?

Like that old friend of your father, who reminds you of the blissful days of candy and rides on the Bajaj scooter?

Like that ex-colleague who reminds you of the learning days of playful banter and gossip over drinks?

Like that old college mate who reminds you of wild parties and late night movie sessions?

Like that old rusty tea stall and its owner in your hometown that reminds you of permanence and the countless times you have crossed it during those trips home?

All of these people form our former self that has been transformed in so many different ways and yet, remains the unique soul that it is.

We are a sum of all the people we meet. Nothing new about it right? But there’s something we can consciously do to let this truth not define us and yet, define us in a way that w can chart the course of our growth.

Observe yourself when you’re with these people. You are authentic with each one of them but you’re also not that authentic self anymore as the “authentic” is constantly being redefined.

The self changes with each unique experience and therefore, meeting our past in the form of these people helps us find our core and strengthen it by reevaluating and accessing each component, every time one encounters these people.

To conclude, people are memories. Things are memories. But it all comes down to what you decide to remember about them.

And more importantly about You with respect to them.

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