Stars and Zodiac signs

The following write-up was written after I came across a parenting blog on social media that shares tidbits on children and zodiac signs. One of them said: “ Leo children are born leaders.”

Here’s what I read:

Leo children have more chances of becoming leaders because their stars say so.

Oh Stop it please!

January can have a wild child

February can give birth to someone selfish

March might just create an emotional fool

April-born can be so romantic

May might produce the lonely one

June can be lazy too

July could be great at taking risks

August can make a smart one

September might create a genius

October is not always manipulative

November could be that too

And December, not always intelligent

So my friend stop defining yourself based on the stars

Look in the mirror and see what has made you into who you are

No stars, oh dear! Those are your scars.

*scars — the battles we have fought, within and without.

I hope all of us as adults understand that stars have nothing to do with a child’s limitless capacity and capabilities.

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.