Why are we not happy?

I woke up to another suicide today. Famous and successful designer Kate Spade is dead. She apparently committed suicide in her New York home and left behind a note too.

She was a married independent woman with a lovely daughter. Then what must have driven her to end her life is something we all will ponder for some time and then forget.

More and more people are becoming “successful” if the life they share on social media is any proof. Simultaneously, more people are discontent and facing a personal crisis in today’s world. It could be mental, physical or spiritual. Why are we not happy with what we have? Why do we want more of everything?

Is it because we are constantly comparing our lives with others? Everything around us is screaming “ Happiness is material. Money can’t buy happiness but it can surely buy (insert clothes/ice cream/vacation) and that’s kinda same thing.”

Then why are people, who have it all, committing suicide? What is it that they don’t have? Well, only they can answer that. But yes, it does tell us that having “everything” is not necessarily going to make us happy.

Family, compassion, empathy and passion for our work, will make us happy. When we are spiritually strong, we can see that life has given us enough opportunities for gratitude. To be surrounded by people who make us feel strong, is happiness. To be able to offer support without expecting anything in return is what will make us happy. Being closer to nature and not man made things will make us happy.

It takes a moment to decide on ending your own life. In that moment, if we can reach out to someone to just share our thoughts, we must do that. Suffering is as much a part of life as is happiness. When we focus on our blessings, we realize we already have everything that we need to be happy.

And yet, sometimes it seems like it’s too dark. It feels like ending your life is better than not valuing it every single day. That there’s no reason to live. But you know what? There always is. There’s a reason you were born. There’s a reason you have the family you have. Cherish it, live it, love it. This planet has more reasons to celebrate than end life.

Find that reason and live for it.

PS: This was a note to self as I tend to dive deep into “feeling low” almost ever two weeks! To read this would be a reminder that I am more optimistic than I think I am.

Thank you for reading!

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.

Writer. Buddhist. Feminist. Looking for freelance projects.